Swedish Birch Sessions

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We had already spent a day prior working on the first step, picking up the patterns and blowing the large cylinder which was eventually dismembered to create the numerous glass puzzle pieces. In Jared’s mind he visualizes the end result and each of those pieces are then laid out in a meaningful order.Today would be the big day when we put it all together in hopes to create the biggest vase yet! Chaiah and I give each other a sympathetic look, we both know that we have our work cut out for us today. The first few pieces went pretty well and I actually thought to myself, “This isn’t going to be so bad.” But after the 3rd hour came and went I remembered why these pieces are so expensive! Then if not to confirm my own feelings Jared says, “ If I ever decide to lower the price on these just shoot me please.” With our hearts racing and sweat pouring down our faces the final piece is applied. Then the most critical moment of removing it from the punty and placing it into the annealing oven arrives! A good friend had stopped by to say hello and quickly leaves but not without saying, “ This is too stressful I’ll come back to visit later.” We had many ideas of how to remove the vase. Should we tap it off or cut it? Who will cut? Who will carry? Who will open the doors? Away it goes and before you know it we are standing outside with the snow blowing against our faces, congratulating everyone on their part in the process. Four days of bated anticipation before we open the annealer doors to see if it survives...

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